Thursday, September 3, 2015

Perks of a Bella. Not a sin to be your best beautiful.

As a mom, I got alot of duties. I got to give my family the best of everything that I can provide them. I am a wife and a mother of a four years old girl. And as my day starts, I prepare everthing before I bring my daughter at school. Yes! I'm a hands-on mother and I personally bring my daughter at school and wait hours outside until their class dismissal. For hours I sit outside her room chatting with other parents and for that I wish that for hours, I need to stay fresh and look good all time. It's part of our duty to take care of ourselves too.

I was a former beautyqueen and model way back few years ago. Once in a while, I hang-out with my friends who also does modeling and I admit there is somewhat pressure to look good and be presentable when I'm with them. I'm now 27 and I don't think it's a sin find a solution to stop ageing. I'm not talking about number here but a product to reverse ageing and maintain my youth glow.
I don't wanna look old at 27 of course. So I do reasearch about something that could help me maintain my youth. I wanna look good for my friends, my husband and for myself.

I'm a bella. A member of Belle de Jours beautiful and empowed women and I am thankful because there is a lot of perks being a bella. You become updated on the latest trends in fashion and beauty products that's best in the market and the best thing of it, is you can attent seminars to make ourselves ever beautiful. We also got perks of receiving new products for free! Yes... free products sent on my doorstep. So I'm thankful and proud to be a Bella. 💋