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I'm one of the 90's kid. During high school most of us own a notebook that we label as "slumbook" that contains personal information and mostly our interests. Even me owns one. We let our closest friends, classmates and most especially our crush sign to sneek or know more about them. As we graduated, mind our own businesses and time flies, we forget about those cute and memorable stuffs. 

 Luckily this year as I browse the net, I saw something cute that reminds me of my teenage years. It's a new cute and creative version of our old slumbook.

I immediately searched if that really exists and if does, where could I possibly get my own personal copy. Of course! I want to own something that reminds me of those precious years and out of curiosity, know "what's in there?"

I searched and visit some bookstore to check the availability of the product. I admit! I had difficulty finding one until I went to Fullybooked (a bookstore at the lower ground of Greenbelt 5).


as I went home, I opened and read each pages of it. I can't stop smiling as I read the blanks that needs to be answered. I find it so hilarious! I admire the creativity of the one who made this. If you are a 90's kid and a Filipino, you can surely relate and appreciate it. 

Here are some preview...

asked about the gender, it looks like a train station. why? because maybe today, we can consider a wide range evolution of the gender. Not 100% male or female... If you get what I mean.

and yes! most of us, don't like/love our 1st college course for some reason, we shift and abandon our 1st choice.

and here's the variety of choices we consider our romantic status are. You can now explain and consider where you stand if you're in a complicated relationship. Notice the status BITTER is separated ;)

There are a lot of questions inside this unique stuff but for me, this is the highlight question. Something funny to describe someone. If you're not contented on the choices given, you yourself can draw and illustrate your own description of that someone. Time to be cool and creative so make sure you can draw well...

How can this abbreviation be forgotten? encircle your favorite :)

Then I start writing on the pages...

but wait!!!

This creative slumbook also deserves a cool owner.
So I made my own personal touch of creativity on my slumbook.

I made my own TERMS AND CONDITION upon writing on this quiet expensive slumbook.


I even write some references to those who don't understands..

There are two parts of this slumbook. 
1. The slumbook
2. The notebook

the second part contains blank pages to write on...
it also has F.L.A.M.E.S if you can still remember it!

If you are cool and creative,
especially if you're a 90's kid and pinoy,
I personally recommend you owning it!

you and 43 of your friends can sign on it...

Price reference?

yeah! quite expensive but it's worth it.

Grab your own and Enjoy!


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