Monday, November 7, 2011

Eullababydoll: Bride's Confession

                   Bride’s Confession…
               There was no spark at the first time I saw him. He was okay but not my type really. He was my cousin’s friend and neighborhood. They say that he was a seaman but I couldn’t care less. I was not in the mood to find someone new that time because I still have a boyfriend. If you’re gonna ask how did we meet? Well, I was on my to the bank when I pass by their street. He was chatting with my cousin that time, maybe he noticed how pretty I am...hehehe...Even though I just woke up before going to my destination. My cousin shouts my name maybe for me to look back. I didn’t know what happened next...Maybe my cousin gave my number to him ‘cause few days after that, he starts texting me. You know simply to get acquainted.
               On my 2009 birthday, my phone rang and my mother was the one who answered it. I just ignored it believing it was just a greeting. On the night of my birthday before I got to sleep, my boyfriend and I had this argument that leads us to break up. My cousin Ariel wants me to date his friend named Kenneth of course I refused to for the reason that I wasn’t completely over with my ex.
             Few weeks after, I noticed that everyone talks about this Kenneth guy. Of course I was not numb, not to feel that everyone in the family wants me to try dating this guy. Guess what? I still couldn’t care less!
             You know what? I really believe that God is good all the time. I was so frustrated crying at the church telling God that I’m already tired of getting hurt from someone who doesn’t deserve my tears. I’m begging him to give me the right person this time. The one who can embrace my imperfections. The one who can understand my mood swings. The one who will treasure me as his most valuable possession. The one who will love more than anyone else can. As I walk down the streets on my way to our house, I asked for a sign. (Kung sino ang bibisita sakin ngayon sa bahay, sya na yung bigay ni God!) Of course I tried to cheat! I texted my ex to visit me that night even for a minute. I waited for an hour until my mom told us that it’s already bedtime. I got hopeless! My day was exhausted that my eyes commands me to sleep.
             Well expect the unexpected! That night when we were about to go to sleep we heard a knock! Yes there’s someone at the door. When my little brother checked who it was, It was my cousin Ariel but he was not alone… he was with this guy holding a gift for me. Who was that? It was this Kenneth.
             The first thing that pops on my mind when I saw him was, “God, sya ba talaga?” and I was so shocked when I remember the sign I was asking for. I still can’t believe it and still trying to convince myself that it was just a coincident so I asked for another sign. Guess what? The sign was still pointing to him! Well okay! Let’s give this a try. If it wouldn’t work, then better luck next time.
            I’m officially dating this guy even though he’s not my type of guy and not to mention that everyone on my family likes him.. Magalang at Mabait daw kasi. I don’t know why I wasn’t totally convinced that he’s the one for me maybe it was my feelings for my ex’s that’s holding me back.
             I prayed as hard as I can to find the right answer that I was looking for. My mind wants me to move on. I asked GOD to help me, “God If he’s really the one am asking for, then let me fall for him.” He courted me for almost a quarter year. He showed me that he’s different from everyone else on my past. He gave me all that he can for me to see that he deserves me. He was really trying his best.
             My mother and I was having this girly heart to heart talk. She narrates her love stories. She told me that we were in the same situation before. My father was not her first love, she even told me that my dad was never her type of guy. Then why are they together now? Having the best relationship that I’ve seen. The logic?? Try! What If it really works out? What If he’s really a God’s Gift? My mother gave me an idea that she also did before.
             One night I was about to test Kenneth’s patience and understanding. I told him that I’m already taking him as my boyfriend in one condition… that it was just a trial relationship and if my ex comes back, he will let me go. I know I was a jerk for giving him that kind of stupid offer. I know it was a stupid idea and I was expecting him to refuse that offer but I was completely wrong! He did accept it and It was very unexpected!
             I didn’t know that before that night, he was already planning to stay away from me. He was about to give up on me but he doesn’t have the courage to tell me his real feelings. What he did was a risk of getting hurt but he’s ready to risk anyway.
            He continues to make me feel very special. On that way, I slowly saw his hidden pains and that made me feel the urge of taking care of him. As I look at him, I see a strong child. A child that is ready to fight for his own possessions but with a fragile heart that’s longing to be loved. Right then my prayer was answered! Am slowly falling into him as I saw his weakness.
             Days pass by as we make some good times and special moments. I totally forgot about the trial I offered him until storms on our relationship came. It was a test of my loyalty for him. There are a lot of temptations that can drove me away from him but in the end I realize that my love for him is stronger this time that even my past love can’t destroy my relationship with him. I realize his value in my life that I can’t find someone else that loves me the way he could. Our relationship was getting stronger and by then I realize that he was God’s gift that answered my prayers.
               He proposed that he loves me so much and he wants me to be his wife. It wasn’t a very romantic proposal as what we saw on TVs but for me, to be asked as his wife, was the most special feeling.
             On the 23rd of December, 2010 we finally got married! It wasn’t expected before but now what? I’m now somebody’s wife. He may not be my first love but surely he was already my Last Love. This is the guy that I want to spend my life with forever. I just hope that God will guide us on our new journey…


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  1. Awwww. Eulla, I feel so happy for you and Kenneth. How I wish I was there during your wedding. :)